For bartenders, the benefits of the BARHOOK lie in its compact size and efficient downward stroke. When your bar is packed with a thirsty, impatient mob, every second counts. Fitting snugly in your palm, this super bar tool allows you to quickly break open several beers and pass them all across the bar without ever having to set the BARHOOK down. Loose caps on the floor can be a serious slipping hazard, yet with the BARHOOK's downward lever action, the cap automatically drops in your fingers, ready to flick at your least favorite patrons. The BARHOOK is designed to fit neatly in your back pocket when not in use. You can uncap and serve a beer in less than one second with a quick, behind-the-back, one-fingered retrieval. Don't get caught behind the bar with a cumbersome and ineffective opener. Use the opener that will greatly increase your service speed and tip potential. Never forget, the faster you serve 'em, the more they tip!

The beer enthusiasts will appreciate the BARHOOK's uncompromising quality matched with its varied and artistic styling options. These traits have allowed us to truly unite form with function like no other product in the industry. Let's face it, you could rip the cap off a bottle with your teeth, but if you're someone who genuinely appreciates the beer drinking experience, why not start the process off with a touch of style. Order the BARHOOK now!

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