About Us

Born from an ever increasing demand from bartenders for a functional, yet stylish, commercial-grade bottle opener, the TavernTools team has stepped up to that demand with vigor and proudly presents... The BARHOOK, an over-the-top style opener that's proven itself to be the most effective and efficient way to open a bottle... period!

Tom and Erik, the founding partners of TavernTools, are ardent beer lovers and bartenders at some of the highest volume bars in Alaska. Erik, owner of the RENDEZVOUS bar in Juneau, has seen first hand the need for quality beer accessories.  Weather its rapid fire bottle opening during a Super Bowl rush or the need for a stabbing weapon when breaking up bar room brawls, the BARHOOK is always on point.  In order for Erik to not get caught sipping the nectar of the longnecks during his shifts, he needs to be able to pop the tops off those bottles as fast as humanly possible. The BARHOOK lets him do just that. Tom, who pours beer on his morning cereal, has worn his BARHOOK around his neck since it first came off the production line. "I don't do anything half-assed. Whether racing motorcycles or stitching my needlepoint, I require and appreciate quality gear. This damn BARHOOK is designed strong enough to rip the lug nuts off a semi."

So, if you tend bar or just use beer as a substitute for hugs, why fumble around with the cheap shit? Just step up and buy the best… BARHOOK!

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